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Wholesale & Retail LED Downlights!

At Electronic Wholesalers Online we provide the most competitive price for LED lighting products to consumers. We also provide tradies, electricians and resellers wholesale prices for LED lighting products. This includes competitive standard pricing throughout our range as well as discounts for bulk purchases.

We are a Sydney Based Company and are proudly Australian Owned. We take pride in providing our customers with high end electronic products across Australia. If you're a retailer, electrician or tradie looking for a great wholesale price we'll look after you!

Our EWO LED Downlights are available in a full range of colour temperatures such as ‘Warm White’ (3000K), ‘Natural White’ (4000K), ‘Day Light’ (5000K) & ‘Cool White’ (6000K). Our range is fully dimmable. We also have a wide range or flood flights, sensor lights and LED globes to that can directly replace traditional incandescent globes.



In most cases, we provide free delivery and same day shipping across the board. Shop now and save! We offer FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100 across Australia! For more information visit our shipping page here.

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If you have any queries or questions about our range, feel free to contact us on 1300 480 102.

Affordable & Stylish Flush Mounted Downlights have a great spread, 13 Watt low voltage,

All models are Australian Compliant, Dimmable Driver, Quick Disconnect on low voltage side, Comes with Driver & Lead

13W Models are 90mm Cut out, with latest addition of Colour Changing Temperature(CCT) with 3000K, 4000K and 5700K. 

10W Models are 70mm Cut out, with latest addition of Colour Changing Temperature(CCT) as above.