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25th Jun 2014

hdmi cable display port vga dvi

With the availability of a variety of HD cables today, many people find it hard to choose between  HDMI cables, VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort. All of these cables fit best for your HDTV and computers but which one will stand out among the rest? These cables also offer high definition audio/video qualities that can provide the ultimate home experience you deserve. 

Who wouldn’t mind getting rid of the hassle with lots of cables tangling and stacking up behind your TV or computers? 

Let us learn what HDMI Cable, DisplayPort, VGA, or DVI can give us totally. 

HDMI Cable 

High-End Premium AVLink HDMI Lead 0.5 Metres

With the digital age on the rise, almost all TVs, gadgets, components, and computers can support HDMI compatibility. HDMI of High Definition Multimedia Interface is a cable that offers high definition audio/video in a single cable. If you want to play videos or audio from your gadget or laptop then you will need an HDMI cable to connect these two things. Recently, HDMI v1.4 was introduced but a newer version is about to hit the market HDMI v 2.0 which will certainly be the next big thing. HDMI cables can be connected with a number of electronic products such as laptop and desktop computers, mobile devices, components, Blu-ray players, USB, HDTV cable boxes, and many more. HDMI is common with many consumers worldwide and a familiar choice as well. 


display port

Like HDMI, DisplayPort offers the same capabilities but with a far better multi monitor capability feature best for graphic designers and programmers. Not only one but five monitors can be connected with the use of DisplayPort. If you want to watch multiple channels at the same time then this one is perfect for you. The current version of DisplayPort that is available now is v1.2 but manufacturers VESA is planning to make the new v1.2a available soon. This new version will take graphics to a new level as well as cross out the problems adaptive sync. 


vga cable

VGA or Video Graphics Array was once the leading standard when it comes to video connectors. However, with the high demand in audio as well as video qualities, VGA has been left behind by its adversaries that make it hardly ever seen nowadays in TVs and personal computers. Not much love for analog connectors today but if by chance you are still using your old computers, TV, and projectors VGA can still provide the standards you need but nor that high quality. 


dvi cable

DVI or Digital Visual Interface was introduced in 1999 as the standard display connector. DVI is designed to provide uncompressed digital videos. It is available in three DVI-D or (digital only), DVI-A or (analog only), or DVI-I (digital and analog). DVI is still a popular option if you are using old computers, TV, and projectors. Since then, DVI has been traded for a far much better HDMI cable or DisplayPort. If you are looking for a good cable for your HDTV or computer to watch movies and play music then HDMI cables is the way to go. If you are a gamer or just love to do multitasking on your computer or TV then DisplayPort would fit you nicely. VGA and DVI are still good choices for you but they certainly bow down to the features of HDMI and DisplayPort respectively.