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​Warm White or Cool White LED Downlights?

​Warm White or Cool White LED Downlights?

Posted by Electronic Wholesalers Online on 24th Apr 2015

Just as a wine concierge knows how to complement a chef’s creation, the work of an electrician is much more than the average fitting. The details make the project.

Knowing your colour effects makes a whole world of difference.

One of the many reasons LED Lighting has become the obvious choice for tradies today is the choice of colours available to the market. Back in the days of conventional lamps, the colour of the light was generally chosen for you. We had to make do with what we had. Now we are granted the wish list of choice we know that choosing the right colour will set the mood for your space.

Colour temperature is based on how the colour of a heated metal changes as its temperature is increased - turning from red to yellow then blue. You can then determine the temperature of a heated metal by its colour. This range of colours at different temperatures has become the industry norm for describing the colour tint of white light. The colour of light from an LED lamp is approximated or “correlated” to this scale.

Warm or Cool?

The traditional yellowish colour of the conventional lamp (3000k) is a favourite amongst our customers (hello there!) and by far the most popular choice for homes. It is mostly used in areas such as the living room, bedroom and hallway. Warm white is a much more relaxing, calm light, whereas cool white is a very bright light that can improve concentration

For a modern look you might like to experiment with the cleaner, brighter look of the cool white lamp. The cool white light may also prove to be beneficial in the rooms where require tasks are to be performed, such as the kitchen, laundry and study. Also, if your home or office space is modern and has minimalistic style, then cool white would look great as it is a very clean bright light, adding a touch of class and serenity to your environment.

It’s all about the mood

For commercial projects choosing the right colour temperature is imperative to the mood you’re looking to create and the products you’re promoting. Details never go unnoticed. Why not mix and match to see which one works for you? Warm white can work great for main room lighting whereas cool white will enhance your work areas.

When it comes to the home, it very much depends on preferences, and quite frankly there are no rules when it comes to personal taste. Cool White LED Downlights are commonly used for bathrooms for example. In a white bathroom it can make appear brighter and cleaner, however if you particularly enjoy spending time in the bath then you may choose to opt for the warmer appearance.

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