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Top Marketing Tips for Electricians

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 20th Mar 2015

Exams were passed with flying colours. You’re now a true man of your trade and you feel more than competent in your ability to hit the ground running. How to do you get the phone to ring?

Marketing requires endless trials, testing and investment which at least in some part, you may not see a return on. For many self-employed electricians, marketing can be an incredibly frustrating task. That’s why we decided to put a list of our top tips together for all of our sparkies looking to hustle some extra income in for this autumn. Seven key words: You get out what you put in.

1.Invest in a Business Website.

Your website is going to act as the main headliner at the festival, so it’s important you get it right. After all, why spend all that time putting up the road signs towards a festival that has no decent headliner? You are the pull my sparkie friend. There’s a groupie fan base just dying to meet you and some of them don’t know you even exist!

A website in absolutely imperative for any business to survive in today’s day and age. With the vast majority of the world using the internet to look up services, and the whole train carriage full of people with their eyes glued to their phones then it is business execution not to have a website in place. Use it as an opportunity to show the world what you can do. Why not add a project gallery and showcase your best work? .We can assure you that if done right, it WILL generate enquires for you. Now go get them.

2.Marketing Collateral

Do you work in the domestic market? Maybe you’re looking to target large commercial projects but aren’t too sure on how to get your foot in the door? Make your presence be known. For a few hundred dollars, you can have thousands of flyers professionally made and printed for your campaign. Alternatively you could go with the direct mail route and send a personalised letter with your business card to the projects you’re looking to target.

Remember to keep the language simple and straight to the point. For domestic companies ‘Need an Electrician?’ will have your ideal customer automatically saying ‘yes’ in their head. Then you want to focus on what your ideal customer wants. Do they need somebody reliable? Somebody they can trust? List and values clearly along with a pull offer. Reel them in.

The website should be in big, bold letters and the leaflet should contain a "Call to action". I.E. The reader should be invited to "Visit our website" or "Call now for a free quote". We all want to know we’re in for a great deal. Make sure your marketing material stands out and speaks loudly to the world what you’re all about. Go shake it!

3.Local and Classified Advertising

As we all know, Gumtree is free and utilised by many businesses. Get yourself on there and post regularly with catchy headlines and your best offerings. In our experience Gumtree generates leads and for a free service that’s a whole lotta candy for nothing!

Advertising both online and in your local newspaper can work out to be very cost effective or no cost at all. Yellow pages, Foursqaure, Google+. They’re all free and picked up by search engines. Get yourself in there. Have a look on Google yourself, see what ‘Electricians in Sydney’ or wherever you prefer to work comes up with and get your website on there.

4.Be Awesome at what you do.

Your customers are your most effective marketing tool. If you delight them they will write all of your glowing testimonials for you. Upset them and they could put you out of business. A huge part of your marketing is to do what you say you’re going to do and to the best of your ability: put them at ease and help them feel in complete control. If you do this your customers will delight in recommending you to others. Word of mouth marketing is always a winner.

Why not leave your customers with something to remember you by? A diary, a thank you card, phone pad with your logo on, or something they can use to contact you again. Let your creativity run wild.

5.Have fun with it.

When it comes to spreading your message, it’s imperative you let your personality shine through if you are going to remain consistent in your approach. Has anybody seen the Twin Pipes YouTube Video? They’re never short of business and it’s clear the twins have fun in what they do.

From Youtube Marketing and other forms of Social Media platforms to road signs and guest blogs, you’re the person in charge of the steering wheel. Enjoy it, show off your expertise and have fun finding the techniques that work for you. Every new lead will feel like a victory, and victories matter.

Good marketing requires imagination.

If you’re an electrician looking for trade prices as well as marketing tips, you’ve come to the right place. We provide free delivery and same day shipping on all of our electronic products across Australia. Give us a call today on 1300 480102.