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Things To Know About HDMI Cables Before Buying

11th Jun 2014

HDMI or High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a digital alternate for the analog video standards. It is a compact audio/video interface that transfers uncompressed video data as well as compressed or uncompressed audio data to a compatible computer monitor, digital television, projector, or audio device from a HDMI compliant source.

Since its initial release back in 2006, several versions of HDMI became available for use. New versions of HDMI has also been developed that would be compatible features like 3D and Ethernet data connection but with the same cable and connectors used. Compared to the analog video standards, HDMI overall provides improved video, audio, as well as overall high performance resolution. So if you are looking for decrease clutter and increase in quality, then HDMI cables are your best options.

Types Of HDMI Cables 

Standard HDMI Cable

Standard HDMI Cable

This cable is designed to cater to most of our home appliances. It has the reliability to transmit 1080i or 720p high definition (HD) video resolutions which is used by our DVD players, satellite television, or digital broadcast device. 

Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet 

Standard HDMI Cable with EthernetOffers the same performance as the Standard HDMI Cable but with added features like a dedicated data channel. The dedicated data channel or commonly known as HEC provides for device networking. However, this function is only available if both the source and sink devices is compatible with HEC functions. 

High Speed HDMI Cable 

Is a more advanced type of cable that supports video resolutions such as 1080p and further. Advanced display technologies like 3D, Deep Color, and 4K is easily supported by this type of cable as well. High Speed HDMI Cable type is closely recommended for advanced technology devices like the Blu-ray disc players. High Speed 

HDMI Cable with Ethernet 

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet offers the same performance features as the High Speed HDMI Cable does. However, a single feature known as HEC is what separates them from the other. The HEC function is only available if both the source device and sink device is compatible or has HEC functionally installed. Connected devices will be ready for IP based applications and will also provide a connection platform wherein connected devices can share between each other. No need for a separate Ethernet cable respectively. 

Automotive HDMI Cable 

This cable is designed for internet cabling on vehicles. These cables can withstand the stresses that vehicles can provide like vibrations and heat temperatures. With Automotive HDMI Cable, a viable HD distribution can now be available in every vehicle. These HDMI cables provide us quality performance and the ultimate audio/video preferences. However, we still need to choose the best type of HDMI cable that will fit your gadgets all the same. There are cheap HDMI cables as well as expensive ones so choosing the perfect fit will certainly be a challenge to you. In the end, HDMI cables will be a very worthy tool that can change the things we love most for the better in terms of audio/video preferences.