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The One Plug to Charge Them All!

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 7th Nov 2015

Imagine if you could charge multiple devices from one plug socket? Being an avid gadget user myself, I have a reasonable amount of devices that are often in use or in need of charge at any given time. My phone, IPad, laptop, Bluetooth mouse and video recorder to name a few. Yet there never seems to be enough charge points available! And trying to find USB plugs to appease them all can often turn into a logistical nightmare.

Instead I'm forced to prioritise my previous gadgets or risk tripping up over piles of wires and messy charge points spread out over several rooms.Not ideal.

                                                                             Do your sockets end up looking like this?

Ok, I know what you’re thinking… Gang extension sockets have been in our technological existence long enough. And yes I KNOW they’re cheap and useful but let’s look at this from an aesthetic perspective: They rear their ugly heads out of the corners of couches, rooms and otherwise beautifully decorated houses and let’s face it guys, they’re simply unattractive.

If like me you often find yourself running out of sockets for your gadgets there is now a simple solution and it’s called the USB Port GPO Power Outlet. The port comes complete with 2 Australian 2-pin sockets as well as two built in USB ports. Finally!

The device currently priced at only $19.95 fits into any back box, up to a depth of 25mm and fitting it is as easy as a Kings Cross night out. Simply unscrew your existing socket and replace it with the new plate.

Its SAA approved and has the dimension of a standard power point J this means it will install and charge as it’s told and avoid throwing a wobbly. Don’t we love it when devices do as their told? Optimal charge, optimal happy devices.

Now that’s a sweet piece of wall deco!

If you can’t wait to get your hand onto one of these multiple device bad boys you can either order with us online today or give us a call on 1300 480102 and we’ll even give you a few installation pointers! If you’re a tradie don’t be scared to get in touch for trade discount and a few more pats on the back for coming to check us out. We’ll look after you.