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Spice up your Bedroom with LED Sprinkled Fun

Spice up your Bedroom with LED Sprinkled Fun

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 15th Jun 2015

The bedroom holds the key to many of your inner desires. As your personal space, the bedroom should reflect your personality, character and needs. The bedroom is a sanctuary: representing comfort, relaxation, sexual desire and romance. It truly is a room to be appreciated at the highest level.

Your first consideration when choosing LED Lighting should be all about creating the mood.

Set the scene. Find inspiration and create a happy space that you can enjoy. Subdued lighting will help you to wind down at the end of a long day whereas wall and bedhead lights can ve used to create atmosphere. If you like to read a book at the end of your day you might like to even consider swing arm wall lamps as an alternative to traditional bedside lights. The options are limitless… Where to start?

Recessed lighting offers a stylish solution if you would like for one particular part of your bedroom to be highlighted and well lit. Its all about the positioning.

Well positioned downlights allow us to enter into a whole new world and can bring a salubrious degree of comfort into your world when done right. You may want to work at your computer for example without adversely affecting the ambience in the room, or for the fashionistas out there you are able to create a wardrobe wonderland highlighting your favourite pieces of clothing and adding a special touch to your pleasure dome.

Lights should always be carefully positioned for your dressing table area. Wall lights either side of your mirror will create a shadowless haven for applying make-up easily and bringing you the best lighting to complete your look. Grooming time is seamless.

Coloured lighting can be brought into the mix to evoke moods and emotions. Feeling passionate? Red light is associated with love and passion whilst a green light can bring a soothing and restful aspect to the room. If you have a favourite colour that signifies a special feeling for you then again, don't be afraid to use it! The bedroom is the perfect room for self-expression and the many ways to use LED lighting means you are able to easily create a bold and contemporary look with ease.

Go wild or go home…

Do we have any sparkies who get up for work in the dark? Strong lighting is an important consideration in such cases. Think inset ceiling lights, wall sconces and chandeliers. An ambient lighting effect for your early morning rise will make those dark winter mornings much more bearable. Most of our lighting offers a dimmable effect so you wont have to compromise on eco-friendliness or the running high costs associated with good old incandescent bulbs.

Have you got any bedroom lighting ideas? We would love to hear from you. Visit and send us a message or give one of our lighting fanatics a call today on 1300 480102.