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Project Funk - Conduit Fittings

Posted by Greg on 10th Apr 2016

I was given a challenging task:

How to make a little solid elbow conduit fitting worth $0.70 to look more desirable?

I had no idea what to do but I knew it was basically to take some funky product photos. How hard could it be right?

Experiment 1: We have a photo booth for our normal product shoots for our EWO website, and my old Canon DSLR should be good enough for still photos. I took a few standard shoots but the results were rather ordinary. A flat product image of a tiny piece of plastic on a white background simply has no appeal. Therefore, I knew I had to think outside the square.

Experiment 2: I realized I needed to show the depth in my photo’s to make the solid elbow conduit fitting standout. The real challenge had begun. I had some ideas on reflections in order to make the conduit fitting look 3D. The cheapest possible solution I could think of was acrylic sheets. I went to a local plastic fabrication factory and picked up a couple of glossy black and white acrylic off-cuts. I then grabbed a few 6000K EWO Led Downlights off our shelf. 1 hour later, here were my set-ups:

Black Acrylic Set-up, I didn't have the proper stand for the LED Downlights, but the original packaging boxes did the job.

White Acrylic Set-up, this wasn't ideal due to the wrinkles from the backdrop.

The warehouse was dusty (from all those packing and dispatching of online orders) so I grabbed a Pledge wipe for the Acrylic, and some cardboard in different sizes to block out the unforgiving skylights from the roof.

The 6000K Led Downlights were so bright I had to run a dimmer.

Final results, with a bit of creative placement of those solid elbows, and lighting controls, here they are. Enjoy!!...