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Nano Ceramic Surface Treatment: The New Standard in Server Rack Protection.

Nano Ceramic Surface Treatment: The New Standard in Server Rack Protection.

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 26th Jul 2016

Metal pre-treatment prior to powder coating is an essential step to ensure proper coating performance for server racks, now used in environmentally friendly server racks at EWO.

"Nanotechnology could cool the heat from server farms".

This was the headline featured in CNN back in 2010 at a time when concerns over energy costs and consumption were at an all time high. Research and development of alternative pretreatment technologies officially entered into a new realm of possibilities; The next generation of pretreatment innovation had arrived, and server racks were at the forefront of our development.

So how does it work?

With Zinc playing a leading part in the phosphate process over the past 60 years, conversion coating research delved into a brand new area, the engineering community of the modern world began to ask a new set of questions: How can a conversion coating be developed that limits dependence on zinc whilst complying with regulations? And how can this technology be utilised to reduce corrosion in server racks?

It all begins with Zirconium, and as the revolutionary nanoparticle technology was being refined, many of the more environmentally friendly coatings began to use Zirconium as a base, hence replacing the traditional phosphate containing liquid.

The result? The quality of zinc coating is achieved without the inherent damage. Thanks to the unique membrane-forming assistant agent added in the coating, it can create a conversion coating that is environmentally friendly, easy to use and perfect for server rack needs.

Welcome to ‘Nano-Ceramic Surface Treatment’

Demanding the highest standards as far as quality is concerned, EWO are applying their expertise in nanotechnology to the surface treatment of their products, thus employing the innovative nano ceramic coating as standard procedure when manufacturing and supplying server racks. 

Not only does this guarantee a long service life, but it also offers an ideal functionality and improved protection against corrosion.

If we were to look at the Nano Ceramic Conversion Coating process in detail, we would find the standard EWO process for server rack protection to offer customers a whole new world of benefits. Let’s delve into this further:

What are the advantages?

With the new nanotechnology pretreatment, EWO is yet again giving its customers optimum quality of product due to the long-term improvements in protection and increased service life. Here are just a few of the principal benefits:

Kinder to the Environment

The nano-ceramic conversion agent is free of heavy metals such as Zn, Ni and Mn thus greatly contributing to environmental protection.

Good riddance to solvents, phosphates and toxic heavy metals.

Now revered as a sustainable energy source, nanotechnology has a higher power density and holds electric charge for longer. Its also lighter weight and much more efficient.

Kinder to Human’s

Nano ceramic (keyword nano particles) is not harmful to the human body. No nano particles exist in the delivery state. They are also not formed during the running application.

Minimises the Requirement for Waste Reduction

Another environmental benefit, but also very valid if we were to consider the process. Because the conversion coating is free of regulated heavy metals and phosphate, elimination of heavy metals allows such systems to remain virtually sludge-free and therefore reduces water consumption and minimises wastewater treatment issues.

Stunning Surface Finish

Additionally, The surface takes on a beautiful, smooth finish providing the best protection that triples the lifespan. The Nano Ceramic surface coating is now used by all major home appliances, and when applied to data server racks the results are simply outstanding.

Tougher Against Scratches

Nanostructured ceramic coatings exhibit much greater toughness than conventional wear-resistant coatings as used previously. Nanotechnology provides much better bonds with the metal surface to prevent any corrosion's, and being ceramic, it is much tougher against scratches compared to the traditional Phosphor treated powder coating finish.

In the year 2000, the U.S. Navy licensed the coating for use on gears of air-conditioning units for its ships, extending the lifetimes of moving parts in everything from power tools to industrial machinery.

The EWO Standard

Electronic Wholesalers Online are committed to providing their customers with the best server racks in Australia. Choosing a server rack with this revolutionary coating is money well spent and guarantees a long service life, high quality and ideal functionality with the added bonus of a significantly lower need for maintenance. 

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