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Nano Ceramic pre-treatment on our server racks

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 30th Nov 2016

When it comes to the best in high quality server racks, look no further than the extensive range offered by the expert team right here at Electronic Wholesalers Online. The effective pre-treatment of any metal prior to applying a powder coating to it is of vital importance. This practice doesn’t only work towards extending the service life of various metals, ultimately guaranteeing a long standing and high performing piece for years to come: properly performed pre-treatments also result in vastly improved protection against damage in addition to more efficient maintenance and optimal user functionality.

For over the past six decades,Zinc has served an integral role within phosphate based pre-treatment processes and procedures. However, despite its industry dominance, conversion coating research began looking into developing a coating of limited dependence on Zinc whilst still complying with industry standards and environmental regulations. In refining Zirconium, this revolutionary nanoparticle technology was adapted as the base of many environmentally friendly coatings – effectively replacing Zinc, the traditional phosphate containing liquid.Due to the addition of a unique membrane-forming assistant agent, this results in the creation of a conversion coating that’s both user and environmentally friendly – perfect for server rack needs.

Serving as the new standard in server rack protection, professionally applied pre-treatments that utilise Nano Ceramic technology offer you a whole host of benefits. It provides the metal of your server rack with a better quality finish, leading to a more resilient and durable surface. In essence, server racks that use the cutting edge technology of a Nano Ceramic pre-treatment are far stronger and possess significantly higher levels of resistance when compared to the surfaces of traditionally treated phosphate server racks. This includes greater degrees of protection from damage and everyday wear and tear such as corrosion, scratches, and scuff marks.

In terms of metal server racks, Nano Ceramic pre-treatments serve as a significantly more eco friendly alternative to the traditional metal pre-treatments of old. In fact, the conversion agent found within Nano Ceramic technology is completely free of any highly toxic chemicals, phosphates, and solvents, as well as the presence of any regulated heavy metals – it contains no traces of potentially harmful elements such as Zinc, Nickel, and Manganese. This essentially results in an effective yet efficient pre-treatment solution that is significantly gentler on the environment while simultaneously aiding and actively contributing to its protection. In terms of the manufacturing process, Nano Ceramic pre-treatments also work towards reducing the rate of water consumed while also minimising the associated issues when it comes to the treatment of waste water.

In addition to all these benefits, the Nano Ceramic pre-treatment leaves any surface it’s applied on to take on a stunningly smooth and beautiful finish. Now used by every major appliance in the home, the lightweight Nano Ceramic surface coating – when applied to data server racks – provides unparalleled protection that ultimately triples the lifespan of any surface. It essentially achieves the quality of a Zinc coating without any of the inherent drawbacks. By bonding with metal surfaces much better than conventional wear-resistant coatings such as Phosphor treated powder finishes, Nanostructured ceramic coatings are significantly more resistant to rust and corrosion in addition to being even tougher against scratches. As Australia’s premium server rack manufacturer and supplier, our set of EWR Series 19 inch floor standing racks all come with a unique Nano Ceramic surface pre-treatment – a finish that provides the best valued racks in Australia with the most beautiful of surfaces while never sacrificing on durability, ease of use, or eco friendliness. Nanotechnology essentially provides you with all the added benefits of the future today.