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Lighten up your workspace

Lighten up your workspace

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 19th Aug 2015

The average Australian spends 40 hours a week in work. Quite the chunk of your time when you think about it. Whilst there are certain days (did anyone mention Monday?) where we would much prefer to be elsewhere but we have to face facts Australia. This is the brutal truth.

A dark and dingy office is a nightmare scenario for most 9-5ers. Your workspace is the deciding factor between being happy, productive and awesome at work or the complete opposite. Your workspace needs to be completely different from your average chill out space because hey, you’ve got a task at work that needs to be completed.

If your office has too many walls or the design narrative falls short of absolute contentment and freedom then there are other ways we can add a sprinkle of sunshine into your day. Here are a few quick fixes that can make you or your employees more productive.

1. You need task focused lighting.

Taking advantage of natural light is key to a bright and productive workplace is task focused lighting. However if you’re office has too many walls and the natural light struggles to find its way into your work space then installing the right kind of lighting will make your office feel like home.

If the work areas are properly configured with overhead lighting this can make a huge difference to your mood, concentration and eye strain. Natural white LED bulbs generally make the world a better place as they cleverly mimic natural sunlight. Be sure to position them in a space that makes you smile.

2. Add a splash of colour.

If you're unable to move to a space with more natural light and multiple lighting options, then you could paint your space with a bright exuberant colour! Yellow and pastels work well as they’re naturally bright and will help you to combat some of the patches of darkness that may have creeped into your space. White paint will also help to brighten up a darkened patch in your world.

3. Add your creativity.

Adding in artistic elements can do wonders to how a space looks and feels. From artwork, wall coverings and architectural feature walls even the most grim space can benefit from a facelift with these minor additions. Electronic Wholesalers Online recommends using branding, inspirational quotes and stories to add some sunshine to your working space. How about the top ten pearls of wisdom you’ve gained over the years in your business or your favourite ‘remember when’ moments? Think of all those times you almost gave up and triumphed against the odds. Why not make it into an inspirational story for all around you? Not only will your colleagues will thank you for it but it’ll make a great conversation point for now and future years to come. Enjoy.

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