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Led downlights Versus Halogen: Let’s  compare

Led downlights Versus Halogen: Let’s compare

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 20th May 2016

Halogen down lights have always been hugely popular as a form of recessed ceiling

lighting in millions of homes and businesses worldwide. Revered for giving off a

warm and natural glow, halogen lighting has always been readily available and cheap

to buy. Since their introduction in the early eighties, the price of halogen downlights

became cheaper and cheaper and thousands of halogen downlights installed in

homes and offices around Australia. As a result we know we halogen lighting is

everywhere. We can safely say that at least every second home you walk in too will

have some halogen down lights.


Whilst it must be noted that the halogen lightbulb was an exciting innovation years ago and hosts a number of benefits (especially in comparison to incandescent lighting), the energy savings are few and far between. Our needs have changed.

We’ve changed.

Enter the year 2016 and the LED Downlight has officially taken the centre stage. We’re more conscious now: Have you ever noticed how hot halogen lightbulbs get? If you have halogen lighting in your house we can bet you’ve already made a good few trips to your local DIY store when they blow and fail. If this sounds familiar then it’s time to make the switch.

Global warming is a real issue and we have to start want to be using energy responsibly. The LED Downlight is now officially the coolest kid on the block, and for good reason. When you compare a 50w halogen light to a 3000k led downlight, it’s a no brainer.

In today’s day and age we want to be using low energy light bulbs. We want to be taking advantage of the world’s latest and greatest innovations. We want to save on energy. We want to be saving money. We want our homes and offices to look beautiful.

We want it all.

Welcome to LED lighting: LED Downlights are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and will save you on average up to 90% on your lighting bills. Boom.

White led-downlight – Satin Chrome

Light output comparisons

When replacing inefficient lighting with more efficient lighting you will generally want to maintain the same light output. The light output of a lamp is measured in lumens.

The table below shows how low-energy lighting can provide comparable light output while lowering your running costs.

Old style incandescentMains voltage halogenCFL / LED
Light Output (lumens)Power (Watts)Cost ($/Yr)Power (Watts)Cost ($/Yr)Power (Watts)Cost ($/Yr)*
22025$7.7018$5.505 - 6$1.50 - $1.80
42040$12.3028$8.607 - 9$2.10 - $2.80
72060$18.4042$12.9011 - 13$3.40 - $4.00
93075$2352$15.9013 - 15$4.00 - $4.60
1300100$30.7070$21.5018 - 23$5.50 - $7.10

*Based on use of 3 hours per day and an electricity tariff of 28c/kWh.

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