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Illuminate Your Garden: Outdoor LED Lighting Ideas

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 27th Jan 2016

As daylight transforms into darkness, nipping down to the shed at night can have an all-too-literal meaning: clutching a torch while negotiating a storm sprinkled path is an accident waiting to happen. For many of us this is accompanied with a sinister feeling. I find myself transported back to my childhood days: The bogeyman lurking in the bushes. Shudder*

We've have been thinking about outdoor lighting this year with a particular emphasis on creative LED lighting ideas and why it’s so important. For the garden conscious home owner the answer is simple: Outdoor lighting can dramatically change the way your garden looks aesthetically, enhancing your favourite garden/patio spots. For others it’s more about a feeling of protection. Your house is safer when marked out. Potential burglars are immediately put out. Everyone wins.

The good news is; laying low-voltage cable is easy and inexpensive as it doesn't have to be buried deeply and protected. LED Lighting also allows you to use subtle and discreet light fittings that don’t make your garden look like Sydney’s Vivid. Clever use of lighting really allows you to transform your space. We've explored everything from patio lighting to water features.

Take a look at some of the ideas we've conjured up this week:

Garden Steps

Light the way to your haven with LED step lights. Discreet LED lights can be used to illuminate an entrance to a property or to illuminate a perimeter wall. The wall lights are used to eliminate dark trip hazard areas on steps and may also be used in low level perimeter wall to mark out a pathway.

Patio Lighting

Bring your patio or decking area to life with cleverly placed LED ribbons or strip lights. Perfect for a party atmosphere and a popular garden attraction. There are many colours and shades to choose from so light up your imagination and get planning.

Wall Mounted Lights

How beautiful is this garden area? The use of warm white LED downlights really brings a soothing ambience to this seating area.You can use the items to illuminate a feature, such as a painting or wall ornament, or as a way to create softer shades that can make a space feel more tranquil and relaxing.

Plants and Rockery

Placing lighting in between rocks and stones brings all sorts of wonderful shapes and shadows to life with great effect at night time, dramatically enhancing the scenery. There are many small low level spike lights which use either low voltage or LED power and can be easily concealed in these areas. Spread lights and can also be used in rockery areas as a down light.

Water Features

Water features can be built with creativity and enthusiasm to bring tranquility and harmony to your outdoor living area. To get the maximum value from your pond or water feature, you need to be able to enjoy it in the evening as well as during the day therefore water is always a prime candidate for lighting, whether it is moving or still.

Have you had an outdoor lighting project on recently and would like to share some ideas? We would love to hear from you. Send in your pictures to and we'll help you to share your creativity. For any lighting requirements give us a call today on 1300 480102.