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How to Create an Eco-Friendly House

How to Create an Eco-Friendly House

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 24th Oct 2015

Not only does it save on energy we reckon it also looks pretty damn cool too! If you’ve recently made the decision to eco proof your home, or your company is promoting eco-friendly projects then read on my friend. From LED lighting to roof insulation techniques, we’ve put together some of the greatest 21st century innovations for your leisure.

  • Install Underfloor Heating: Architects in general hate to use wall radiators. Not only do they look ugly, they’re also energy efficient. Underfloor heating tends to be associated with new build homes, but it can be installed to good effect in older properties. We would recommend installing them in your bathroom for ultimate effect.
  • Replace Incandescent Light Bulbs With LED Downlights: Incandescent light bulbs are so last century! They waste up to 90% of their energy as dissipated heat. With the invention of easily affordable LED bulbs this can dramatically reduce your house’s energy consumption whilst adding a stylish look to your home. LEDs last up to 35 times longer than an incandescent bulb.
  • Use Locally Sourced or Supplied Building Materials and Local Tradesmen: It goes without saying that an Aussie grown potato is better for the planet then a potato flown in from England. The same applies to our local electricians and tradesmen. The sparkie who lives on the next street is much better for the planet than the one who has had to drive 40 minutes across the city to get to you. Plus you never know, you may even become friends!
  • Get Creative with Your Furniture: You can either buy furnituremade from recycled materials, hit up the thrift shops or see what’s going down on Gumtree. Purposeful furniture saves both trees and wallet whilst giving old treasures a new opportunity to shine. We dig.
  • Turn it off! Whether it’s the tap in your bathroom or your living room television you could be saving on a heap load of energy. 182 litres of water is lost per week from a leaky tap whereas the average TV is left on standby for approx. 17 hours a day. Be kind to your home bills.
  • Choose Dual-Flush Toilets: To save even further on water consumption, choose a dual-flush toilet. These toilets offer two flush options, one for liquid waste (usually 0.8 gallons per flush) and one for solid waste (1.6 gallons per flush). You could be saving a whopping 80% on your toilet water consumption!
  • Fill Cavity Walls with Insulation: Next time you find yourself staring in disbelief at your gas bill, remember how much energy gets wasted in homes that were built before energy-saving became a priority. Uninsulated cavity walls can be almost as wasteful as uninsulated lofts. Insulate your loft, insulate your cavity walls and you could be looking at some serious savings.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: There’s no need to buy products that aren’t environmentally friendly when there are so many existing materials at our fingertips. Reuse your old material such as wood floors, doors, windows: Recycled materials such as recycled glass, aluminium, recycled tile, reclaimed lumber, recycled plastic are all suitable for your eco- friendly project.
  • Energy Saving Windows: It is unfortunate double-glazing salesmen have given their industry such bad reputation for when you look at the energy savings we all really ought to be investing in them. Energy star windows are also hot on the market and have proven themselves to be much more energy efficient you’re your average window. The lower the rating, the more energy efficient the windows. Wood framed windows are also a great option. They’re easier to repair, much more insulating and less polluting than your UPVC which emits toxic compounds.
  • Efficient Landscaping: Intelligent shady landscaping can protect your home from direct sunlight during those hot summer months and allow more sunlight to reach into your home in the winter. Planting trees on southern and western side of your home can keep your home cooler as they will block sunlight from falling directly on your home and during the winter, when trees lose their leaves, they will allow more sunlight to reach your home.

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