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How to Change a Light Bulb to LED in 4 Easy Steps!

Posted by Electronic Wholesalers Online on 1st May 2015

Are you currently in the process of switching to LED? Last week we were speaking with one of our customers Susan (Hi Susan!) who said her main reason for switching was due to the solar panels on her roof which contribute to the electricity demand of her house during the day. Susan bought a real-time energy meter and quickly learned that she was using a hefty bit of electricity during the night when the panels weren’t giving it their all. Turns out her panels were drawing a whole lot more electricity that she had imagined.

With our help, Susan upgraded all of her lighting to LED and is now enjoying substantially lower electricity bills. Go Susan! Even if you don’t use solar panels, lighting in general uses a lot of power. The good news is, it’s one of the easiest things to change. As we would like to make your LED Lighting conversion as easy as possible, we’ve put together a 4 step instruction manual for all of you DIY enthusiasts out there!

  • 1.Turn off your lights. We repeat. Turn off your lights! The last thing we want is for you get shocked/burnt from old, inefficient lighting.
  • 2.Unscrew your current light bulb.
  • 3.Screw in an LED light bulb.
  • 4.Turn the lights back on and enjoy your new energy efficient environment!

Too hard? We supply LED lighting to many talented Electricians across Australia. Post a message onto our Facebook page and we will put you in touch with a recommended sparkie in your local area.

LED Lighting is said to be the easiest way to go green for your household. They are extremely energy efficient, long lasting and are now more affordable than ever before. An LED light bulb can reduce energy consumption by 80-90% and last around 100,000 hours.

If you’re interested in switching give us a call today and we’ll talk you through it. You can reach us on 1300 480102.