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How LED Downlights Can Create a Stylish Modern Look to Your Home

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 25th Jan 2017

The widespread introduction of LED (light emitting diode) lights has routinely been described as one of the best and single most influential technological advancements within the lighting industry – and with good reason. In striving for more efficient yet brighter sources of light, it’s only natural that these particular lights – usually lasting 13 times longer than incandescent lights – have quickly risen to prominence in the past decade. Perhaps the best way to improve the energy efficiency of your home – all the while effectively working towards reducing your power bill – is simply by replacing your old, ineffective light bulbs with a low cost, high performance LED alternative.

However, LEDs serve as more than just an affordable alternative to traditional lighting:they can also help you work towards creating a more modern, stylish, and aesthetically appealing home with ease. In fact,thesedownlights work wonders for almost every room in your entire house. Effortlessly achievea retro feel by fitting different colouredLEDs in your downlights – a unique style of set up that effectively provides diffuse, even light that’s perfect for get togethers and entertaining.In contrast, consistent colour temperatures across all of your LED downlight fittings works to create an elegant yet unobtrusive ambience. When brighterlightis needed, those more powerful downlights housed in your ceiling can also be turned on.

You can also look to highlight rooms, thanks to colouredLEDs: downlights can serve as asoft way of adding a dash of colour to any room – be it a light electric blueLED to awhite kitchen. This gentle wash adds energy without detracting from the kitchen’s slick white scheme. Lighting a space for practical reasons is – by all means – well and good, however, installing LED downlights that can change colouradds a somewhat otherworldly feel to your hallway.