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Creative LED Lighting Ideas for the Home

Creative LED Lighting Ideas for the Home

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 31st Jul 2015

The technological progression in the development of LED light bulbs has been fast and furious, with 21st century manufacturers competing to design LED bulbs suitable for every application in the home, while working to lower the retail price to a tipping point of mass consumer approval.

The competition is officially over. LED downlights are considered much more cost-effective than their incandescent counterparts and speciality LED’s are now widely available for various lighting applications in modern homes. With LED, you’ll get 300% more efficiency than CFLs and 1000% more than incandescent bulbs. Even more, LED’s can give you about 50,000 hours’ worth of light versus incandescent bulbs’ 1,000 hours only.

The trouble is, when it comes to innovative lighting ideas for your home or project, we are seemingly still at the early development stages of the creative process in how we use the lighting and what we use it for. There is nothing a cleverly thought out lighting system can’t jazz up whether it be a wall, your bedroom or desk area.

Here are some visual ideas for your next project:

1. The Connected Kitchen

2. Bring your shelves to life: Monochrome with a minimal splash of colour.

3. Minty green LED sprinkled shelves. We love the lighting effects in this kitchen!

4. Is this the stairway to heaven? The illuminated path to higher realms...

5. Spend a lot of time watching TV? Clever mood lighting can transform your living room into a sci-fi cinema.

6. Lighten up your loft. 

7. The ultimate colour chrome living space: Is this the future of modern day architecture?

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