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Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures for Your New Home

Posted by Leonie Ferrer on 25th Jan 2017

Choosing the right lighting fixtures can have a major impact on the mood and design of your new home – making it romantic, brooding, and dark; or lively, cheery, and bright. It can also help you feel relaxed and comfortable or lead you to inspiration. In effect, the correct lighting fixtures can help your new home reach its full aesthetic potential.

  • Ideal for use in numerous locations including bedrooms, hallways, entry foyers, task areas, and even stairways, Ceiling-Mount Lighting Fixtures work wonders in welcoming guests to your new home. For lower ceilings, flush mount are preferred over semi-flush lights: the latter lights are ideal for medium to high ceilings.
  • Chandeliersoffer general lighting needs for dining and entertaining while adding sparkling style to great rooms, foyers, and bedrooms. Some are designed with down lights to provide task or accent lighting for table settings.
  • Taking the form of sconces that match a pendant, chandelier or ceiling fixture, Wall-Mounted Fixturesdeliver general, task or accent lighting. They can transform a hallway or functional room into a dramatic passageway or cosy retreat.
  • Often suspended over countertops, work areas, dining room or game tables, Pendant Lightingprovides both task and general lighting. They can even beequipped with shades or globes to reduce glare.Utilise dimmers to change the light in order to suit the mood, task, or occasion.
  • Recessed Ceiling Fixturesconsist of housing installed within your ceiling – a lamp and some small trim to discreetly cover the lamp’s hardware. Unobtrusive rather than decorative, these fixtures effortlessly provide general, task or accent lighting for spacious areas.
  • Versatile and adaptable, Track Lightingenables you to meet your own individual needs by configuring a custom lighting scheme. They’re perfect for highlightingarchitectural detailsor artwork collections while also providing general or task lighting for entire rooms.